House For Rent In Highlands

It is nice to refer a house a house for rent to one of your closest, especially when that house is close to my heart since you were able to rent in that house before too so when I learned that my workmate and one of my closest is looking for a house, I right away informed him about it, I even called the owner to check how much is the monthly charge? If it was the same amount as before, there was a slight change but it’s bearable.

I then accompanied my workmate to the house, he was interested but he has to ask his mom about it. It took long before they confirm, they are still looking for something else, so I offered it to my supervisor from my previous company and gladly they took it, when they saw the house, they made a down payment right away. By this month, they are ready to move in to that house.

My other close friend is still looking for a house for rent until now, the price or the location is not always right for them. I guess they are not really looking for one.

The living room

The kitchen

The master’s bedroom

The 2nd bedroom

The 3rd room


Front yard 

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