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Troubleshooting Toilet Problem

Most of the time, the reason why we don’t know how to repair just simple things at home it is because we don’t actually know the name of the parts and even how it can be used. We need to at least know how parts affects the other and how important it is for the the whole things to work. When you know how it works, the problem will be too easy to resolve.

You must know the basic when it comes to troubleshooting, just like when your toilet flush won’t work.

When the toilet handle sticks is hard to push. There must have something to do with the lift wires, so you just have to adjust it and clean the handle.

If the handle is loose then just reattach lift chain or lift wires to lever, you must also adjust the handle.

Toilet won’t flush? That’s so easy, just make sure that the water is turned on and make an adjustment for the lift chain, adjust also the water level in tank, you may have to increase pressure on pressure assisted toilet.

And when the toilet overflows or flushes sluggishly, you need to clear the clog for the main waste-vent stack..

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I Know I Can

It’s Christmas time once again. I can already smell the cool air outside whenever I go out for work. Have you already putting up your Christmas tree or hang some lanterns that you bought from the mall? Me, I am still looking, I was thinking for something nice, something unique, hopefully I will find it at the mall where my niece is working.

On the other hand, right as of this time, I am not yet looking forward of putting Christmas decorations, what I am really looking forward is to stop that running toilet. Yeah you heard it right, the flush of our toilet bowl is not functioning at all, I decided to disable the valve since it would increase rapidly our water bill, it is because of the faulty fill valve I bought this magazine a long time ago and I checked the steps on how to do things yourself, gender is not a problem at all.

So if your toilet never stops filling up after a flush, the culprit is the ballcock or what they called fill valve. You should start thinking to buy a new one, hold it, you don’t need someone to hire for it to be functioning. You can actually do it yourself. Just buy the ballcock with a slide-type float, this kind of fill valve is easy to install.

I will have to buy it when I have the budget and the time, I know I can do it, of course I can!

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Best For Small Bathroom

Our bathroom is small but this one is better than the one that we had when we were still renting. But even it is small I still want to redesign it since I am still in a tight budget and still saving, I guess these ideas will make me interested of putting some stuff in our bathroom. But of course, I just don’t need to add things on it; functionality is the key that means to say I don’t need to add things that are not necessary. It is given already that our bathroom is so small, why do I have to add things that are not important and are not functional anyway? So what are the things that are functional could be a towel bar, this time maybe I would like to buy colorful ones to add pops of color. Painting is important too, but need to make sure that the color would utilize texture and patterns so to add creativity and not just you’re doing it because you’d like to do it. Make it match so you will not feel sorry in the end.

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Adding Some Dramatic Stuffs Inside The Bathroom

If you want to remodel your bathroom but your budget is not enough, don’t worry you still can, all you need is a little enhancement and a little adding of glam in your bathroom.

You can add a dramatic mirror with a chrome accent, or just a small circle mirror in your bathroom, you can add some towel bars too. You can put some necessities on the top of the tank of your bowl, you may arrange some stuff on it and or add some candle that give a good impression.

If you would like to add a sink on your bathroom, you may want to add a vanity sink and install a wall mount faucet on it, I am sure your bathroom will be more stylish.

Replaced outdated light fixture in your bathroom, you don’t have to pick extravagant light fixture but something with design and unique.

If you have extra fixture in your house, you can turn it into a bathroom vanity. You just have to put a hole in the center for a drop in sink and a faucet.


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