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A Night Well Spent With Friends At Home

My friend and I planned to have an overnight videoke at home, so after I dropped Mj off to Kumon, I went to the mall to meet up with her and to grocery shop as well. Later my friend Anne and her husband messaged me if they could pay as a visit. They arrived from the States last two months ago and they want to visit some friends. So since we are going to cook at home as well, we invited them for dinner. I never expected that the supposed to be a simple dinner went to blast because of their visit and our long chitchats. Her husband is so friendly and nice and could get along with any people well.  I was so happy that Anne never forgot to visit me while they are staying still here in the Philippines. Thanks for the visit guys! And I also have to thank Cheryl for staying overnight with us again, until next time.


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Dinner At The Eat All You Can Restaurant

It was a sudden dinner at the eat all you can restaurant but I could not say no with a friend and since I did not take my dinner yet I agreed with her. So I went with some friends and the new coach of Jm’s swimming. I was not hungry because I had a blast at lunch with another friend at her house but since the foods that were gather in a long table was very tempting and very sumptuous, I grabbed my plate and put some rice, adobo and the like. Jm was with a friend too when she grabbed some foods at the long table. It was a long chat with their S1 and as usual my friend and I laugh so hard when one of us cracked some jokes. Ahhh it is so nice to be with a friend that is sincere and so true.

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I Am So Full

After I took a nap, I hurriedly told my daughter since we are invited for a dinner party, it was my friend nephew’s graduation day today and they would celebrate it. Together with our coach and his wife we went to the house of our friend, I enjoyed so much of their food they prepared. If only I don’t have to go home early, I might stayed there for long hours since my daughter had fun time with her friend too. But we still have land training tomorrow so we still need to wake up early tomorrow. Goodnight everyone, and you may all have sweetest dream and brightest day as well.

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The Family Small Getaway


The family went out last Sunday; I tag my sister Irenie and her son too. We went to church to hear mass, although we were not able to arrive on time, we just waited for the next mass that’s makes my youngest more naughty as she keeps on running around. My sister was so tired chasing her so we still did not finish it. After mass, we went to a restaurant to dine, it was just nearby and their catfish is so yummy. It was my sister’s first time to eat at that restaurant and she was so delighted that I took her and her son there. My kids and I went there for three times already. Next getaway, I really have to plan that.

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