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What to Do When Your Kids Have Diabetes

Have you just found out that one of your children has diabetes?  The news can come as shock for any parent but it takes on an almost surreal nature when it is one of your kids.  After all, you’ve done everything right but they still ended up diabetic.

Beyond blaming yourself there is also the fear of how to help your child manage a condition that that will need to deal with for the rest of their lives.  Maybe is it worries about how to properly use Ketone test strips or maybe it is how to better manage your family’s eating habits – it can all seem a bit overwhelming.  With that in mind, here are some tips on what to do when your kids have diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

For starters, let’s look at what is diabetes and how living with it can impact one’s life.   The condition known as diabetes happens when the pancreas cannot manufacture adequate levels of insulin needed to transform sugars into energy.  This can be a problem as sugars build up in the system with nowhere to go.

In order to manage this condition, one will need to monitor their blood sugar level and well as getting doses of insulin either by shot or through a pump.  While this can be a tedious process – especially when a child is involved – it is needed to make sure the body can balance itself out.

One important thing to know is that there is no ‘cure’ for diabetes as it is not a disease, rather it is a condition.  Some researchers have explored the link between diet and exercise and diabetes, but even then, the research groups have been relatively small and might not apply to the type of diabetes your child has.

As such, a child with Type 1 Diabetes will probably need to get used to being constantly poked and prodded. For parents, this means learning you to alleviate a child’s fear of needles and blood.  Sure, it is on a pin-prick but it can still be hard for a young child to cope with this.  Some tips include using ice or a numbing cream on the skin, sight or sound diversions, or even potential rewards as motivations.

It’s Normal to Worry

As a parent with a diabetic child, it is normal to have some worries.  These can include blaming yourself or looking at environmental factors.  While this is natural, you don’t want to dwell on this for too long as the reality is that there was probably nothing you could do – especially when the child has Type 1 diabetes.

Instead, you want to focus your energy on learning on diabetes.  This can include learning about the impacts of the condition, what diet and lifestyle hacks can help to improve your child’s outlook, and importantly what treatments are most effective and why.

Healthy Living

As you go through your learning journey, one thing that is bound to come up is the concept of healthy living.  This can extend to making over the diet of your entire family, including becoming more discerning about what to eat when you eat out, and finally looking at exercise – especially what can be done as a family.

While this might be a welcome step – after all, most parents probably want to increase their fitness levels.  However, it can be a bit stressful for other children who might not understand why they can’t have ice cream all the time.  As such, you’ll want to look at ways to make healthy living fun for everyone.  This can include adding in some rewards along the way.

Get Support

Living with diabetes can be a lot, even when you are an adult.  But when it comes to having a diabetic child, you will want to increase the size of your support network.  It could be as simple as finding other parents in your area going through the same thing or to get online to see what is out there for parents.

This could include reaching to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, now known as the JDRF, and the American Diabetes Association.  Both organizations offer a bevy of support tools for the parents of diabetic children.  In addition, there is no shortage of books on the subject, though you might want to talk to other parents or check out the reading lists offered by national organizations as you start your journey.

Having a child with diabetes might seem overwhelming at first but it is not the end of the world.  Instead, the keys are to increase your understanding about the condition, focus on healthy living, and increasing your support network.

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How Hospitals Recover From a Water Emergency Event

While water is an essential ingredient for any life, too much water from an unexpected event can be disastrous for property. Hospitals are especially vulnerable to these types of unpredictable occasions. They do not have the option of shutting down their operations when something like this does occur. It is important for the hospital leaders to have a doable action plan in place that covers natural and other water disasters and conditions. There are specific criteria that all hospitals and other healthcare businesses must follow after a catastrophe involving water property damage happens.

Disaster plans might also include details on water restoration for hospitals typically covered under the state safety and health department regulations. Most hospitals do not have the resources to handle these events without outside assistance. They cannot simply hire anybody by law however. The crew designated to clean up the property has to have written certification documents that prove they have undergone the exceptionally detailed special training required to work inside of a hospital or other major healthcare institution. Without this important documentation, property restoration experts are not able to perform these services. A water damage specialist will first determine what type of water is on the site.

The water may be a clean source such as when a water pipe bursts or a hot water tank leaks. If the water contains sewage or debris, it is considered contaminated. If this occurs, it is even more critical to protect the vulnerable patients from exposure to these substances. Many patients inside of a hospital already have very weakened immune systems that makes it easier for them to become sick. By law, any work crew must first build a temporary wall structure that keeps the dirty water far from patients.

Massive flooding can cripple a hospital’s operations if the situation is not immediately addressed. When a large amount of water floods the lower levels of a structure, that building could be at risk of collapsing from the pressure surges. Only highly trained water remediation specialists have the knowledge to assess the safety of a building. Along with the water damage, heavy storms could have caused window and roof damage that subsequently allowed the water to get all the way inside. The causative factor must be quickly identified, and proper steps need to be followed for complete resolution of the water danger.

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Eliminating Dangerous Pests with Eco-Friendly Methods

The Zika virus outbreak has everyone worried about mosquito infestations. These pests no longer just inflict itchy and bothersome welts when they bite you. They can now infect you with a virus that could lead to serious health consequences. When you want to get rid of mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals like sprays or foggers, you can get rid of these pests by using eco-friendly products like tablets, water treatment for mosquitoes, traps, and more. These methods are safe for the earth and also do not put you or your family at risk of chemical exposure.

Innovative Mosquito Treatments

You may be familiar with the most commonly used methods to get rid of mosquitoes. You can use sprays like repellents before going outdoors. You can also use foggers and indoor pesticides to kill mosquitoes in your home or workplace.

As effective as these products may be, they also may leave you coughing and gagging at their smell and lingering vapor or mist. They also cling to your clothing and make your skin sticky and dirty.

Rather than use conventional methods to get rid of these pests, you can eliminate them at their source by using traps and tablets in water where they like to lay eggs and live. These traps require little care or attention. You put them in the water along with two tablets and let the traps do their job to attract and kill mosquitoes.

You can use this method wherever you have standing water in your yard. For example, mosquitoes tend to be drawn to bird baths because they hold water for long periods of time without evaporating. Likewise, mud puddles are another favorite place where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and hide. You can put these traps in the standing water without presenting a risk to birds and other wildlife. The treatments also will not harm the soil or air.


The Zika outbreak will stay fresh in people’s minds for months. You can help allay their fears even before summer starts by selling these traps in a fundraiser.

People who want to keep mosquitoes at bay will buy the treatments for their homes. They also may buy more because of how eco-friendly these traps are.

Mosquitoes present a health danger that many people now fear. You can get rid of these pests and the Zika threat by using eco-friendly tablets and traps.

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Healthy Environment To Live Is Important

TCE (trichloroethylene) is an industrial solvent used by various industries and the miltary.. It is the most frequently reported contaminate in ground water and one reason why TCE removal is important. As a contaminant, it is readily absorbed into the environment.

I am not a chemist, nor do I claim to know much about pollutants, but because I value the health of my family. Whenever I read an article or here about something that may harm our health, I want to learn more. I am glad that I do not live in or near or work in an industry that would expose me directly to TCE. However, since TCE has been found in drinking water does not mean that me I may not be exposed to it.

If you find or suspect that your environment has been polluted by something like TCE, it is important it know who to go to, so that you can get an accurate analysis and have the polluted site cleaned.

What harm can exposure TCE do? Various forms of cancer, including but not limited to: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Leukemia, Rectal Cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. Additionally TCE exposure has been linked to, low birth weight, miscarriage and deformities in new born babies.
The list of health problems associated with TCE is much longer than this.

I dread the health costs of dealing with something like TCE exposure that is why removal is a must. My kids are precious to me as I know yours are to you. Make sure they have a healthy environment to live in is important.

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