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My Samsung Component Speaker

Just this month, I fulfilled paying our oven and since I’d been longing to have a component with speaker this year, I am aiming to make my down payment since the first week in December. And finally I was able to make it recently, I saved for the down payment out from my own salary,  I am still paying for the TV though and since the monthly installment for the component is very affordable, I took it right away, the store manager already trusted me that I will pay the said item so they let me took it after I made a down payment for it.

Here’s the component that I just got:

 photo BeFunky Collage_zpsinlaoghb.jpg

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Family Picture In Our Home

It has been a while that I don’t put new family picture in our shelves, we have some pictures there but most of them are very old. So far this one is the newest, Faith brought this family picture at school for their arts, and this was displayed in the board right after, when I was able to finally have a glance on it. I find it cute. Faith really did a good job on putting some decorations in the frame. This family picture is placed in the shelves, it was simple but it was cute and most of all Faith made it.

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A Home That Is Flawlessly Designed And Well Groomed

Nothing compares like home especially when your home is flawlessly designed and well-groomed. Even how stressful your day was when you see your home well arrange, it will definitely clear your mind and will encourage your creativity. According to feng-shui to free your mind from any negative vibes, de-clutter and envisioned your home for some great ideas.

A well arrange room can invite positive energy so use your bedroom to energize and gather all the good inhibitions that helps you how to perform well at work. While the bedroom used as to gather all the positive vibes your living room can serve as your free space to think, to explore and discover to influence your creativeness.

Consider furnishing your home with metals like white, gold, and silver in the west sector of your home because this shows your endurance, your strength and develop discipline and creativity. Good ways to develop creativity are those art pieces and sculptures made of brass, gold, and bronze. Silver and stainless steel.

Nourishing your style at home and being aesthetic with designs will serve as a challenge with how creative you are at home, it can enhance your wisdom so let your imagination do the works and benefit a stress free living environment especially when you are about to get some rest.


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One Of The Biggest Mistakes

If you think white paint is the best paint for your wall bedroom, well you have to think twice because if you color your bedroom wall white it has a shade of gray that makes it look down. It would be better if you color it with cream shade.

Don’t go with match colors especially with fabrics. I am telling you it will just too strong. Paint your bedroom with combine colors and you will be surprised how magical it can be.

Do not go with palette of neutrals if you do combine it with stronger colors. Use enough contrast. Add some colors that make it intense otherwise it will look boring.

Even if you use different colors to your home, everything should be connected from living room, kitchen and the bedroom. There are colors that you can use that is somewhat connected.


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