It has been a very long day but we enjoyed it so much

Last night, my friend and my cousin came to visit to my rented home, and they even stayed the night. It was the first time that my house was filled with guests, which I was so happy about. So even though my niece was not here because her aunt doesn’t allow her anymore, we still had so much fun, well I was because I and my friend had a long talk.

My cousin has to go to my sister’s house because she has to send out an invitation card for her brother’s wedding on July 17, 2010. So another member of the family will get married very soon, I hope my husband could attend and be there with us. I am crossing my fingers to it, he was not here as plan because of some circumstances along the way though he said he still could be here this year. She has to stay over at the other house and went here the next morning; I was so busy preparing breakfast for all of us. At night time, my friend said she would cook for us, I prepared the ingredients for her and later we enjoyed eating our dinner, Faith still so happy with the fried fish, so she went eating her dinner ahead than us and so as my nephew.

After dinner, I set up the magic sing then later we enjoyed ourselves singing out loud. I hope the neighbor’s eardrums are still alright with my voice; my friend still possessed the Diva voice. My eldest daughter joined us right after she finished her food. It has been a very nice and long day, but we enjoyed our day so much.

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I Am Caught In Between

My Sister Merlyn came in and asked me if we will go to celebrate fiesta in Calinan in my cousin’s place. Although I already agree with my Sister Irenie that we will be going, we will just follow them since they would be attending a mass first. But I am having doubts as I made a promise of myself that from the first Sunday of this month until the last Sunday of this year, I will try my best to attend church every Sunday.

And if we go to cousin’s house today which is a little bit far from here and that I have to bring the kids including Faith, we might not have time enough to go to church today. I am actually caught in between since we only have few moments to mingle with my relatives here in Davao.

When sister Merlyn asked me a while ago whether I would go or not since the clock is ticking noontime, I decided not to. Aside from the back and joint paints I got from aerobics stuff, I will have to attend and hear mass today.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Got Hooked Up

The other night was the last vigil of Aunt Eve and yesterday was the interment at Forest Lake Memorial Park. The whole family was mourning. We deliver the woman who has been a remarkable one to her final rest.

I was not able to take pictures. I left my camera at home. But even if I was able to bring it. I still cannot take pictures because I was not in the mood. I feel down and weary. This melancholy is less expected. She is not close to me unlike my sisters. They always see Aunt Eve before in every occasion. And those occasions I seldom attended yes; she is not that close to me. But I wonder why I am feeling like I lost someone closest more like a best friend and a sister to me. We never have the chance to know one another. But during her interment, I realized I should give myself a chance to know her deeply. I should be present on those occasions that she can still smile and talk.

I may be so late of knowing her in person. But with the testimonial of her friends about her when she was still alive I never expected that she is far different with of what I thought of her before. She maybe tactless at times yet a fighter for her friends. She maybe tight in regards with money matters but generous to those people who need her help. She maybe a woman who hated by hundreds but loved by millions.

To you Aunt Eve wherever you are now. I saluted in every missions you have accomplished here on earth. And I am so proud of what you had become. A teacher and a right hand of your Principal is one great work. No one can ever replace of what you have done to your students and how you touch the heart of your co teachers. In behalf of them. You will always be remembered.

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