Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Summer With These 3 Tips

For many families, the summer is a time of parties, spending time together, and hanging out around the house and yard. If that’s true for your family, or if you just have a home that you care about and want to keep in shape, it’s important that you take action to get your home ready for the summer. After all, your home is your most valuable asset and the place where the people that you love the most spend most of their time. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the coming summer season.

Get Ready to Keep Cool

Don’t wait until the temperatures start to rise to find out if your A/C is working well. You don’t want to find out on a very hot day, especially if you have to wait for a while for a repairman or other technician to come out and check to see what is wrong with your machine. Instead, take care now to ensure that you will be cool and comfortable when the summer heat starts. Call a local pro to get the job done right. For example, if you need air conditioning repair Greensboro NC, call a trusted company like Chrismon HVAC to keep you cool all summer long.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

The spring rains may have done a number to your home and you won’t know until you check. Make sure that you inspect your roof and look for any leak or hole. Even a tiny leak can lead to big problems if you don’t get it taken care of. Water damage can cause mold and mildew, which can lead to serious health problems for you and for your family. Check your gutters for cracks as well.

Do Your Landscaping

If you have a lawn, be sure to keep up with the mowing. Otherwise, use your land to produce something useful in a garden. Add compost to your soil to enrich its quality. Look out for pests and take action early on.

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HVAC System Maintenance

Just like your car needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that everything continues to run properly, your HVAC system also needs maintenance on a regular basis. If it is neglected you could run into some serious problems, and often at the most inopportune time, such as the dead of winter or hottest time during the summer. To keep your HVAC system running properly, you should contact a professional St Charles heating and cooling company and set up an appointment for maintenance.

There are a number of advantages that HVAC maintenance provides to you and your heating and cooling system, including the following:

Improved efficiency: Having maintenance and a tuneup done your HVAC system can help it run more efficiently.

Early identification of any faulty parts: Over time, your system will experience normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance will enable your HVAC technician to spot problems early on and replace or repair parts on an as needed basis.

Avoid system problems: When your system receives maintenance on a regular basis it can significantly reduce the possibility of breakdowns in the future. Although it is impossible to avoid replacement and repair altogether, preventative maintenance can help you avoid most heating and cooling emergencies so that problems don’t arise at very inopportune times.

Improve Safety: Heating equipment runs on the basis of combustion of fuel. Carbon monoxide leaks can pose serious safety risks, which is why having your HVAC system inspected every year is critical to ensuring the safety of your household.

Extends the life of your equipment: Having your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis can extend the life of your equipment, help you avoid expensive upgrades and reduce the risk of equipment failing early. The cost of maintenance is far less than having to pay for expensive repairs, upgrades or replacement costs.

Maintenance Visit

During a maintenance visit your HVAC system will be thoroughly inspected. The following services may be performed as part of the visit:

Inspection of all parts, as well as lubricating all moving parts and making any necessary repairs or replacements.

Clean blower parts and motors

Clean the heat pump or air conditioner’s evaporator coils and condenser

Inspect and clean drainage systems

Test heat pump or air conditioner refrigerant levels

Inspect and clean heat exchangers

Inspect and test igniter and pilot

Test system controls and electronic components

Calibrate thermostat if needed

Evaluate airflow

Tighten loose connections and fittings

Evaluate CO levels on combustion systems

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Save Money this Summer: Tips to Help You Reduce A/C Use

When summer comes around you don’t have much choice but to run the air conditioner for at least part of the day. However, running the air more than you really need to can leave you with astronomical electricity bills. Use these tips to help you reduce A/C use in your Pittsburgh home this summer. 

1. Hire a qualified HVAC contractor that has been working on air conditioning Pittsburg homes for years. You want a reputable company with a history of quality service to make sure your HVAC system is working properly at the beginning of each summer. If you don’t your system could be working a lot harder and costing you more money. 

2. Install a programmable thermostat and set it to 80 to 82-degrees when you’re away from home at work. Set the temperature to come back down to a more comfortable 72 or 74 about 30 minutes before you arrive home in the evening. You’ll save a considerable amount of money each month. 

3. Open windows in the evening to let cool air in. Window units that pull air from outside can also help cool your home. Just make sure you shut the windows before it gets hot in the middle part of the morning.

4. Change your A/C filter regularly. Most air conditioner air filters need to be changed about once every 30 days. Look for a high-efficiency air filter that works with your HVAC unit for the best possible results. A dirty air filter could damage your A/C and force it to work much harder to cool your home. 

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