I felt bad

Just this month, my friend told me that the baptismal of her son will be on the way but I got too busy and she forgot to send the invitation as well. I so wanted to come to the party since I was not able to attend her baby shower when she invited me, not to mention that she has a very stylish baby shower invitations back then, it was not that I don’t want to come to the party, it was because Mj’s graduation for her swimming class on that day as well. So I promised myself not to be absent during her son’s baptismal but due to some circumstances I was not able to come again.
I only have few friends now since they are already went abroad for good and invitations for an event is so rare, I was really so upset that I was not able to attend to the party. I mean, it is not because I am a party goer or so, it is just, it was one of her important day that I would supposedly one of the witness but because I get too busy at times. I just hope when invitations come next time, I am fully available.
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Latest Bonding

That was Thursday that I decided to go to my BFF’s house with Faith since it has been awhile since I went to visit their house. One more thing she would have her interview very soon and I am very optimistic that she would pass the interview then that would be might our last bonding if ever they would fly on August.
Just recently she told me that she already received her visa and they would book a flight on August. I don’t know how to feel though, I was sad but I was so happy for her as well.
On the other note, here are the pictures of Faith and Kaegan when we went to their house for a visit last week. Obviously Faith was having fun with Kaegan; she tried to give him the baby bear and wanted to get inside the crib, maybe to sit beside her friend. Kaegan was also responding to her by saying “ah, ah

Come inside Ate Faith, let’s play

Oh no, I can’t get inside Kaegan,
maybe you just have to reach out for your teddy bear

Are you having fun with the teddy bear Kaegan?
Enjoy! I’ll just watch you here

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Differiante the Dede and the Milk

I should have been training her to use the sippy cup when she drinks milk a long time ago, but every time I train her she would always complain and will never drink the milk after all. So I stop and just bought a new nipple for her bottled milk instead but since she ruin the nipple again this time, I didn’t buy any of it anymore instead I persist her to drink the milk through her sippy cup but as usual she never drink it and will always ask “Dede Mama” she said that she doesn’t want the milk but she wanted the Dede. I explained it to her for so many times that the Dede is the same with the Milk, the only difference is that the latter one is she will be using a bottle and the other one is a cup.

It has been weeks now that she protested for a Dede meaning milk inside the feeding bottle, but I refused and tried to pacify her with a cup now, not the sippy cup because she will never drink it. Now I guess we are successful because the other night and last night, we used a cup for her milk. Of course I was there to let her drink with it, because she might just mess it in the floor.

So we’re done with pooh training although she is not that perfect with pee training. And now another improvement that I must be proud of, the cup training, way to go my little Faith.

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A Beautiful Baby

Finally I was able to grab a picture of my friend Selina of her new born beautiful baby, me and Grace notice that the baby is so resemblance with her husband Robert. I am so happy for you dear Selina and once again congratulations.

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