Tomorrow Night Yet

I am so busy today, well one of my busiest days because the moment I sent Mj to the pool, I have to go to downtown to hand the letter to Speedo in SM. I also need to go to a shop to inquire how much is the upholstery for a car. After driving around and a detour, which I realized later I could have saved time and gas because the road that I choose for detour is the farthest compared to the road I drove through. After SM and a quick lunch, I brought the car to the mechanic for a check-up, I noticed some sounds that are so weird when my mechanic checked it, he noticed the ball joint, bushing or suspension, may not be functioning, I just have to send the car back on Monday, since I would still be using it for Faith’s Graduation day today and for tomorrow’s Mj’s cross channel from Koako beach to Paradise. But something happen after the Graduation that I decided to bring the car back to the shop, as of now, I could not still visit or make a comment to all your blogs, I am so tired and busy until tomorrow, I hope to drop by tomorrow night.

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Got The Car Today

Finally, the car is now fixed, I supposed to pick it up yesterday but they checked yet the carburetor and so as they need to road test it so I decided to just get it this morning. Actually, the owner of the shop send the car to our house and I just paid him, the remaining balance here. And right away I have road test it myself, I send Faith to her school then I went to Mintal for fuel, the owner of the shop have fuel the car for about 4 liters but when I check the gauge, it is almost empty. I added about P300.00, which is about 5 liters, but I noticed that the gauge didn’t even move. So I asked them of the gauge when I went back, they told me to just observe it if I would fuel like P1, 000 pesos, which is about 17 liters. I went to a car wash station and then after they foam wash the car, I was so happy to know that the gauge was moving to the half tank level. I went back to Mj’s school, and then went to the Woodridge, it is now slowly moving upright. It went down but not too much unlike before. I hope this is it; I hope the car is now fixed because right now, I can’t afford to buy another car even I have to sell this. 
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Cheap Labor

I had my car repair the other day, I was worried because I thought it would cost me like 4,000 pesos just to have it done as my mechanic always said others would be too costly. But this morning when this other shop sent my car at home, he just asked me like P800.00 while in my mechanic, if he would take out the tires or will do something in the engine, he would probably asked me like P3,000.00. So I guess today was the cheap labor I had incurred. I was so happy!
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