In My Rented Home

The Semester break is approaching; two days from now would be the examination of my eldest daughter at school. We are doing our best to prepare for it; especially that she is having a hard time with her Math subject this time. They are already in fraction, mixed fraction to be exact; I even had a hard time for it. I just told her to listen to her teacher intently so she could cope up.
You may find this so gross but I have to be thankful that there’s no much cockroach here anymore. This is what I hate with this rented house because no matter how I sprayed where they nested, they are still kicking in. It has been days already that I tried to do it from their nesting place up to the living room every night, when the kids are already in the bedroom. Our bedroom is so sealed so there’s nothing to worry for some spray to get in. Surely, it made them go away but I realized it might still not good for our health as well, so I decided to spray them a day after another or thrice a week perhaps.
On the other hand, a man just knocked in our door this morning, asking if I would like my front yard, outside our gate to landscape. I wanted it to; it might be a good idea for the front yard to be handle by some expert artistically to embellish the area. But I have doubts, since if we could not pursue this year to migrate in another country; I really wanted to own a house. And if it would be a waste of money to beautify the front yard when I know we will move out very soon. I hope!
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Yesterday was my first saturday to attend Advance Baking Class in ALS with of course my best buddy ever Clarinda. I get to know some new friends whose talent are baking and cooking. I was kind a lost since I don’t have talent in even one of those.

The class went good. I learned how to mix ingredients properly. I didn’t know that a simply mixing of flour, cream and butter have different techniques for the cake not to messed up after it was cooked.

And my favorite part of the class was tasting. I am good at it always. I was able to taste each ingredients from the start till the end of the class. It taste so yummy. I can’t help to beg for more.

There were three recipe’s we baked yesterday namely: Moist Cake, Pandan Cake with Pinipig Crunch, and the very simple Blue Berry Cake. I will going to make one tomorrow because it didn’t need an oven. I only have to put it in the fridge.

Mariel cannot believe that I also participated in baking those cakes. Well they have done most of the part. But I know I will learn making those myself someday.

‘Till next class

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At MJ’s School

If you’re just kind enough. Anywhere you would go, theres someone willing to give you a hand. I only seldom went to MJ’s school since she have her Motor Pool fetching and sending her. I only went there if the teacher will ask the parents to come over, School Activity or meetings.

Yesterday, MJ told me that she have to make a props out of a stick and a cellophane as I could not understand the note on how make it. I went at her school to inquire. When I was already at her classroom. A parent approach me telling me that the kids will have their practice again later in the afternoon. And I have to make a props for MJ right away. I just knew it then and there how to make it and how does the props look like after. But I can’t find any sticks in the school or any store which sells a stick. Theres no way they will be selling one. Co’z you can just get that kind of stick out of a small branch of a tree in which of course we can’t climb a tree in the school.

The same parent who approached me a while ago, lend me her kid’s extra stick. Said I can use it since she already have one for her son. And not only that she also taught me how to make those props though I already have an idea to on how to make it. I was so grateful then even though I don’t merely showing up myself there and I am not close to anyone whose always at present in school for their children. There’s still a kindred heart whose willing to offer you a help even in her little way.

To that parent! Thank you very much because I was able to make my daughter a props just right before their practice.

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Advance Baking Class

I admit I don’t have talent in cooking, Thats why I am so thankful that Terry know how to cook or else we will die for starving. I mean, I know some it is only but simple. In short I can only cook fried chicken, fried pork, and fried fish… A vegetable with kalamungay or squash and green beans.

I always dreamed of cooking like chef cook does. With all the ingredients gather around the table, slicing here and there, and with a procedure to follow. I like to know when and how to put some special seasoning in a certain food. I’d like to know all.

So I enrolled myself in Advance Baking Class. I know it is far from what I said above. but as soon as I step inside of the advance baking classroom to supposedly inquire about where to ask an enrollment fee for cooking. My goodness, The cake smells so good. It was really so tempting. I change my mind right away! I’d like to try the Advance Baking Class. Even I don’t know the basic but Clarinda said we can jump into Advance Baking Class since basic is merely more on simple steps that I could learn it my own.

My God! I am just so excited for this coming Saturday for I will be able to learn those stuff about in how to make a very palatable appetizing cake. Wish I will be able to bake a cake of one of those recipe on Saturday to Terry so at least he will be proud of me in terms of kitchen stuff.

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