How To Make Your Flower Garden Happen

It would be a beautiful morning if we see our flowers bloom in our yard. What I have is not that many as I only started. If you are a newbie like me, I am sure you will be amazed how this little creature bloom one morning, I just can’t believe it.  

On the other hand, it may seem so easy to plant a flower, maybe for some others who have a green thumb they will find planting so easy. But for someone like me, you may find this very useful.  

Do not just get any soil, make sure you have the best soil to start your flower garden. Remember planting either seeds or flowers, if you don’t have the best this would make everything right or break because it didn’t work. Of course, we don’t want that to happen, I mean who would like that to happen? After the hardship and sweating and then you will not be going to get anything? Thus, if you want to get the best result for your garden, make sure you have the best soil for you to start. This will make the foundation stronger, just like if you are constructing your house, you wanna make sure that the foundation will last long otherwise you are just wasting your money.  

Check what’s the exact size of the potting for your flowers. If these flowers won’t grow tall then go for a medium size but if they would, then choose the larger size. Nevertheless, you have to make a plan, you have to know the flower that you are planting, the size and the light preferences so you would know how to take good care of them. When you are set for the kinds of flower you will be planting, now find the best location.  

Location is very important because there are flowers that needs more sunlight than the others, there are also flowers that needs to be in the shade otherwise they would last longer. Even though most of them can grow anywhere, it still best to check the light preferences of your flowers, putting them in a shady area or exposing them with too much sunlight won’t do good at all. Picked the best plot! 

If you would like to plant different flowers, choose those flowers that gets similar light or shade requirements so they can grow even on the same plot.  

As I mentioned earlier, you need to plan, check what you really want to plant. You may want to go to a local gardening stores or experts to inquire of what’s the best for you as a beginner. Seeds, small plants, bulbs are almost the same process. So, concentrate of the kinds of flowers that you feel like it and enjoy. Yes, they may look good in the yard but they may not be able to make it if you are not enjoying taking good care of them. They said, planting is the best stress-reliever and choosing the best flowers for you, would offer you even more. So, start planting! 



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Master Oh’s Origami Flowers

There is nothing more stunning than walking into a room filled with beautiful flowers. The perfect arrangement and colours can truly add character to a room. It’s a certainty that flowers rarely live for long, even with proper care. However, you can have your flowers live forever by getting gorgeous origami flowers! Even though origami flowers are made from coloured pieces of paper, they are very realistic in appearance. You might not get the smell from them that you would get from a live flower, but you will definitely get the great amazing look that real flowers have. Foam is used to hold these artificial flowers together in bunches or bouquets, so you never have to worry about any of them falling out of place. If you can’t live without the pleasant smells that emit from real flowers, then you could simply buy a small vial of potpourri oil to apply to your origami flowers. Since you will just be spritzing the flowers with the potpourri solution, it won’t damage the paper in any way.

Making Origami Flowers Yourself

 At Master Oh we know a thing or two about making origami flowers! There are several options available when designing your own origami bouquet. You can either have the flowers made, or you can try to do it yourself. There are plenty of books and articles available on how to make these wonderful looking artificial flowers. By making them yourself, you have complete freedom over the types of flowers that will be used in the bouquet. Whether you want roses, carnations, daffodils, or any other type of flower, you can make them easily with origami. If you buy your origami flowers at an arts and crafts store, then all you need to arrange them is some pliers, wire, and floral tape. By simply binding the wire to the flowers and using the pliers to cut, you can arrange your own bouquet and re-arrange it as many times as you want. You can place it in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, and the colour will never fade.

Choosing Colours for Your Origami Flowers

If brightly coloured flowers are not your cup of tea, then you may opt for a more natural look, by buying crème or white paper to make your origami flowers. Whether you are making flowers for your home, or for gifts, you will want them to look fantastic. The best part about them is that you never have to worry about watering them! They will look beautiful eternally.

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