Waiting For My Sister And Genny

I will be meeting with Genny this morning to watch the parade but I wonder what makes her busy since she did not contacted me for our meeting place. She has been up so late last night I guess she is still sleeping but how could we take a lot of pictures when we can’t be there early. I am still waiting for her reply or at least for her to be online, my sister is not here yet though and no one would look after the kids if I would go out this early. So I have to wait for my sister yet to arrive and I am waiting for Genny to be online.

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Happiness # 5: Meeting With Friends


I will be meeting my friend this afternoon; it has been a while since I haven’t seen Mabelle. I hope Cheryl the one in white can join us. Mabelle will be working abroad soon, so she would meet us at least before she would fly this week.

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New Kids in the Block

I was really having so much fun when I saw these pictures of my daughter and her friends in FB. They were like models posing in front of the camera, even though they are all have hectic schedule especially my daughter since she is attending KUMON; I am so happy that they can still find some fun time out of their busy week. Way to go kids, and always remember whatever you do and whatever you achieve, we are always proud of you!
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Nostalgia : Girl and Mommy

I used to call my friends by names but ever since I was hired at a call center here, they were calling each other “Girl” so as I am always forgetting names, I thought it was cool to just call them “Girl” whatever their name is, I was not obliged to memorize all the names of my team mates or workmates. And since all of the agents before were girls thus it was not really hard for me to address them all “Girl”.

Recently, I feel like an alien when one from the pool called me “Mommy” alright since we were all mom out there who were always as supportive to their kids. I became comfortable with them calling me “Mommy” and so was I.

And now, I caught between the two, because there are times I addressed some of my friend “Mommy” even though they are single.

I guess I have to go back to call them by their names, what do you think? Uggghh I have to memorize all their names and or shorten the name to their nicknames, waaahhh!

On the other note, you may wonder what’s the origin of calling you blogpals “girl” that was because of that call center company. Isn’t it cool?

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