Hey Nineteen

1. What was the best thing about being 19?
Young and energetic
2. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
Computer shop
3. Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…
I forgot things
4. Name 3 fads from your teenage years.
Phoebe Kates of Ghost hair cut? That is the only one I can remember, you see I am forget things at times aarrgghhs
5. What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever had?
My engagement ring
6. What’s your oldest possession?
Some shirts
7. Do you have any phobias?
8. This is pretty much the start of Spring (regardless of the snow in the east this week!); what’s on your to-do list for the next few weeks to transition away from this long Winter we’ve been having?
Sigh we don’t have winter here
9. Which of the 50 states in the U.S. would you rather die than live in?
I don’t know
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Nostalgia : From Michael Angel to Leonardo

Last week, my entry was about a letter from Michael Angelo to Leonardo. I guess you know who they are, if not let me refresh your memory about “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles” . They were, Rafael, Donatelo, Michael Angelo and Leonardo and their master Splinter.
When I was in college, we call our friendship “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” because we always stick together, from school until we get home. For us, it was so cute, since we believe the names were related to us, well some of us. One of our friend named Alpha was the Rafael, since we call her “Pang” short for Alpha, which sounds like “Rafael, then our friend Donabel that sounds like Donatelo as well, me as Leonardo because of the actor from the Titanic that I incredibly adored so much at that time, Michael Angelo as my best friend Janeth, she chooses that because she just love the name and Tim-tim who obviously has a lot of craziness as the Splinter.
Anyway, among the groups, I was closed to Michael Angelo my bestfriend Janeth, there was no day that we don’t exchange sweet nothings and notes, whenever she would arrive at school, and I was busy, she would always received a note from me, sometimes in her notebook, and sometimes in a piece of paper. I got tons of letters from her too from first year college until we graduated. And one of the letters she gave me and kept was the letter I entered for Nostalgia last week.
And we are not lovers, absolutely we are not T-bird or homosexual whatsoever, we just love sending notes to each other, to show our care and love for each other as friends. So if I will be ask if sweet nothings are intended for lovers only, I would answer “No” as it is intended for friendship, relationship, Mother and daughter relationship whatever, it is intended for everyone who truly cares.
My god we are just too gay to be one, LOL and we are one happy Mother for so many years now.
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And I will never replace them

Did I tell you that one of my account before when I was still working as a call center agent was a male enhancement? Good thing, I only got few calls on that one because our top priority account was a cable company, geez I could still remember the technicians closing their jobs for a certain customer and those technicians who were not able to go to the customer’s house because of a very thick snow along the road. When they call for cancellation, we have to get ready for an irate customer calling that they wanted to have the technician on their house as soon as possible because they wanted to watch Super Bowl. But no matter how irate the customer was, or how hard the account that we were assigned for, I would still choose that over the male enhancement account. Now, don’t ask why.
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Nostalgia : The Letter I Kept Until Now


And below is the content of the letter:

December 15, 1997

This is what I like most, we always see each other almost everyday including saturday’s but we still don’t get tired of sending each other messages and sweet nothings. I feel so comfortable and at ease with you, really. Maybe it’s because we’ve been friends since we were in our freshmen days and yet, till now our friendship is keeping on going stronger. With all the trials, hindrances and barriers that comes along. We surpassed it all. Isn’t it so nice to think that were there for each other thru thick and thin. Not only for good things but as well as in bad times too. Really our friendshio rooted well and very deeply. It is built firmly with a very strong base which is understanding, accepting each other for what we are and not for what we have. Sa bagay, wala nga naman tayong mga riches and wealth but at least we’ve got friends. In that aspect, then we can say that “marami tayo nun” You once said in your letter that we have different point of views. I guess its true in a way. Though we have uncommon foresight and opinions, still we manage to listen to whatever opinion that we had di ba? We always give each other a chance to explain our side and that’s a big factor that makes our bond’s grow stronger and stronger. You know sometimes may mga sumpong tayo noh? Napapansin mo ba yun? Yun bang we easily get irritated and we don’t feel like talking to anyone. It’s but natural lang naman, It doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other’s company. Its just that we’re only human and always accompanying to being human is shortcomings. Well, we get along well with it naman di ba? Thats how strong our “pinagsamahan” is. Proven and tested na talaga. Iba talaga pag may bestfriend. If you ever have problem parang magaan lang co’z theres someone whose always willing to listen. Sa mga ka cornyhan, kilig to the bones na stories, heartaches and difficulties in life. It’s so wonderful to spend lots of times with your friend specially if that friend is like you. You know how special you are to me? Let me say this… kahit me tampo ako sayo, hindi kita matiis, though may hinanakit ako sa’yo, uneasy ako pag not in good terms tayo. It really affects my whole day. Gets mo? ganyan katindi dating mo bestfriend. We know we had one thing in common. We’re mababaw,” don’t you think? Yun bang small things can make our day na. Mababaw na bagay lang pero ang bigat na non for us. That’s why we enjoy na our day even without spending much and without even going to special places. Sa Rizal Park nga lang eh, pwede na or sa terminal with matching juice ni Ricky. Ayos na o di ba? One thing more pa pala, the “hinaturay” effect. Daig pa natin si Romeo and Juliet n’yan. But I enjoyed all of those na binanggit ko. That’s really treasured in my heart and mind. till we parted ways and look for our own fortune. That will remain and stay in me always and forever. Co’z were Friends Forever.. Kita pa!!! I may not say this often, Its not that I always forget it, but I can show that I love you in my own special way. Writing you notes of mga sweet nothings is one of my way. But let me say it na rin… I care and love our friendship as much as I feel for the bond between us and specially the person I’m referring in that bond is no other than you…….. Leonardo!
Michael Angelo

Guess who the letter came from? And to whom it was intended? Well, I would reveal it on the next nostalgia!
Happy Nostalgia everyone!
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