One Of My Milestones

It has been a while that this blog has been in hiatus, I could not post anything because it reached to bandwidth level and causes it not to be active for a week. I was relieved when my hosting provider messaged me last night that it is now online. Perfect timing because I have something to post for this blog, one of my achievement in this house, at least it’s what I thought of.

Earlier this morning right after I sent Faith to school, I dropped by at Save More near their school. Supposedly, I only have to buy dog food but I spotted a computer table perfect for the little spot in the corner of our house. I had been looking for a computer table for quite a while already but I just can’t find the right style. And so I saw this, when I asked how many stocks they have yet, the sales force informed me that this is the only one available. I didn’t think twice I right away withdraw some money from my savings for this. I believe this is all worth it. I’ll just have to take back the money I withdrew when I have the budget. Yeah, definitely I can’t wait anymore to have this in the corner of our house.

One of my milestones this year!


Next project: Door!

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Farm House

This afternoon we were invited by a friend to come to their farm, they prepared sumptuous lunch for us and the whole team went there. Their house was so nice, the surroundings were all green, and I just so love the view. It is so peaceful and quiet. They have this log furniture that everyone should adore, I also like the wooden ladle they used in the kitchen it is so environmental, actually I love the whole farm. My headache just went away when I saw those green trees around the area, those plants, everything on it. Even though it was so hot that afternoon yet the wind was so cold, it would be so nice to sleep overnight there, I am sure we won’t be needing a fan or an aircon to make the rooms cool because the fresh air is just enough for us to sleep comfortable.

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Study Table and Dining Chairs

I so want to buy a study table for my kids and new chairs for our dining table but with the expenses we just incurred last month, I don’t think I can buy those things. We really spent too much last month and I tell you it was so huge. Now, I have to minimize our expenses, I have to lie low and I hope I’ll be able to do it.
My eldest daughter really needs that study table so we can put some of her books on the table and not on her bed. If only the bed can talk, he might ask what am I? Am I really a bed or a table? He might be confused of his purpose because of the books that were put there. And oh the chairs, sometimes I am worried if somebody would come to visit us and they would sit down on our chair because it tends to sway and the hooks were falling. It is only a year old together with our dining table but the hooks were not installed properly or maybe those kinds of chairs are not good quality because of its easy retirement. LOL!
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Furnishing a House

My friend recently told me that her and her husband were selling their house and moving into their cabin. Their cabin is located near a large metropolitan area and that area has more to offer their family. I wonder if they will have cabin furniture or some other style. Rustic looking cabin furniture would certainly match the décor of most any cabin where as mixing and matching contemporary furniture may not enhance the look of the cabin. I don’t know what she will do, but I really like thinking of furnishing a house from the beginning where it is a cabin, a colonial a cape cod or any other kind of house. It is fun to think of what I would furnish the house with, especially for our two girls.
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