Finally, It Arrived!

Finally, last Saturday after 3 weeks of waiting, the door in the living room finally came. Yes I have it changed since the old one was having attack with termites. It has lots of hole that I can’t even contain to see. Maybe this improvement is not much at all to some of you but for me since it came from my hard work in blogging, this mean so much to me.

This color is only temporary, I am aiming for another color, maybe a chocolate brown paint?

Good thing they put design on it as a bonus, I really thought it was only plain since I didn’t give extra for the design but because of the delay, this design is free of charge. The wood they used is the Mahogany, which is according to them it’s very durable. They also applied a protection from termites, so hopefully this door would live longer.

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A New Door Will Be Coming Our Home

Thank GOD I was able to earn extra from last month, I had my other half to buy a new door, you see our door is so busted, it is damaged by termites and as the time goes by, it created lots of holes. And I could not bear to watch it; it is getting dangerous especially that I am always out of the house since I am busy working. So I asked my sister to ask the one who build doors nearby and after a while she texted me how much was it. Mahogany was P 4,500 and Gmelina is about P 4,000 so when I got the money first week of this month, I purchased one of the car parts needed for the engine and the other half was spent for the door. They are still building it. Next Sunday they would deliver and install it to our living room. I can’t wait to see it in our living room and paint it with varnish, uhmmm what do you think what color would fit?

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Furniture In The Future

Just imagine you have these kinds of stuffs at home, geez life could be easier! I would love to have these, the thing is who can copy the exact how flexible it is without any hassle at all. I remember when we were still living in the old house, the one I got when I was still single. I wanted to have a sliding door of our closet, but the next few months, it is not working at all. Most of the time I was always having a hard time pushing and pulling the sliding door, the money was wasted because I need to hire someone again to fix it; we decided to replace it with a real door. I like these stuffs but give me someone who can really do it.

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How Hard Is It Really to Make Pallet Furniture?

Many people love the idea of finding old pallets that were about to be thrown away and turning them into beautiful pieces of furniture that can be cherished for years to come. There are so many pallet furniture ideas that people can consider making. It is possible to make bed frames, tables, benches, and almost any other type of furniture that you can imagine. You can also make a wide variety of decorative pieces to hang on walls, to use in the garden, and to place in other areas.

Lots of people have the idea that they will collects a couple of pallets, take them apart, and then build something amazing. However, even though making pallet furniture is extremely rewarding, it is usually not that simple. This is especially the case of a person does not have any previous woodworking or construction experience and they do not have a variety of tools on hand. First of all, getting the pallets cleaned up and taken apart is quite a job. Depending on the type of furniture that a person is going to make, getting the slats of wood into the right shape can also be a challenge. Putting the furniture together and then sanding the wood may be considered the easier parts, but they also require a lot of work.

Even though quite a bit of work is involved, this does not mean that a person should just give up on the idea of making pallet furniture. Instead, they need to go into the project realizing that it is unlikely that they are going to take apart a pallet and build a beautiful piece of furniture in one afternoon. Depending on the skill level of the individual and the type of tools they have available, it could take them several weeks to finish just one piece.

For an individual who is just beginning, they need to have a lot of patience. However, the job is extremely rewarding. A person will learn little by little what things work and what things are better to avoid. Also, a person will slowly build up the kind of tools they have on hand to build their furniture. At first they may simply start off with a hammer, hand saw, and a couple of pieces of sandpaper. Soon afterward, they may have power tools, high-speed end mills, and everything else that would resemble a small woodworking shop.

Making pallet furniture is a rewarding and exciting experience, but it requires patience and hard work.

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