A New Door Will Be Coming Our Home

Thank GOD I was able to earn extra from last month, I had my other half to buy a new door, you see our door is so busted, it is damaged by termites and as the time goes by, it created lots of holes. And I could not bear to watch it; it is getting dangerous especially that I am always out of the house since I am busy working. So I asked my sister to ask the one who build doors nearby and after a while she texted me how much was it. Mahogany was P 4,500 and Gmelina is about P 4,000 so when I got the money first week of this month, I purchased one of the car parts needed for the engine and the other half was spent for the door. They are still building it. Next Sunday they would deliver and install it to our living room. I can’t wait to see it in our living room and paint it with varnish, uhmmm what do you think what color would fit?

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Our Wonder Sweeper Has Finally Arrived!

Finally I bought the Wonder Sweeper and so far it did a good job and the best part is that I got this in a discounted price, so it’s totally a winner.

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Wonder Sweeper On Tuesday Yet

The first time I saw the broom spinner something, I thought of wanting it right away but I stopped myself since I believe that it was too expensive for me.

One day my niece told me that she ordered something in a certain website and she said that almost all of the items that they offer are very affordable. I checked the website right away; I scanned all the items until I found the Wonder Sweeper and Dustpan all in one. I was surprised because the price is so light in the pocket. I can actually afford it!

So I added one in the cart using my niece app. The total amount was only P 330. 00. I was so excited, my niece said I can receive it today but I got disappointed when I receive not the item but her news. It will not be receive but it will ship yet today and I could have the items maybe on Tuesday next week.

Oh well maybe that was a blessing in disguise because I almost don’t have a budget for our allowance daily. Yeah I need to get the P 330. 00 pesos back in my wallet so the kids can go to their school and I can go to work. Not having the item today was just right for me. I can wait!

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Ceiling Fan In The Dining Area

I bought a ceiling fan in the dining area on the first week of this month. And it was last Sunday that the electrician installed it. He found it easy to install since he just replaced the round florescent on the ceiling. What I like about this ceiling fan is just enough for our dining area. Why I did not bought ceiling fan in the living room it is because I planned to buy a cooler fan there. When enough budgets will come I am sure I can purchase that cooler fan Mj suggested. On the other hand here’s the cute ceiling fan in the dining area.

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