It Was Unplanned

I’d never had this kind of faucet before, when I made some extension in Ph 1 in the kitchen area, I wanted to try this kind of faucet but it just never pushed through. But maybe of what they said it’s true, things would be truly realized when you won’t plan things. I’d never planned it this time but when I checked the sink, it is really better to have the top mounted faucet so I bought it and here it is in our so little humble sink.

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Paraphernalia For The House

Most of the time, I will make sure that we have hand soap to use in the kitchen, so whenever we wash our hands there we have hand soap not a bar soap waiting for us. But you know how much expensive they are, it is not necessity but it is nice to have it there at least. Due to financial constraints, I would set that purchase aside and will buy something more important. When I saw this to Gaisano Mall and when I found out that the price is just right to my budget I put it in the cart right away. It’s all worth it because the kids like it and not to mention that it smells good and because the container is big enough, until now we still have enough.

I always wanted to buy air freshener but I would always say “next time” thank GOD that the previous days when I grocery shop, I was able to include this to my list since I have a little extra. But even it is there sitting in the corner, they still didn’t have the effort to spray in the house. I don’t know what they are waiting for or who they are waiting for to spray it over. Geez maybe I will be the one to initiate it first so they will follow, honestly I don’t know what to do anymore or what else to do in the house to make it look nice, I wanted to do this and that but I just don’t have enough, especially now that the car repair is very much expensive plus the enrollment of the kids is scheduled this month.

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Newly Purchased For The Kitchen

Can you imagined, we only have one pitcher? I don’t understand myself sometimes why I kept on forgetting but last December when I and my niece looking for pasta bowl, we found out it is very expensive. So we bought a glass pitcher instead because we have enough budgets for a glass pitcher.

On the other hand, when we were watching Korean series, sister Merlyn dropped accidentally the lid of one of our frying pan and it broke into pieces. So last week, I went to Unitop and bought a cover, but they don’t have any lid alone available, there is a cover but it has a bowl for viands. This is a little pricey in the mall but in Unitop it is even less than a hundred. It gave me a total smile of it.

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 photo 16763499_10211551332755038_1212503145_o_zpsoqbgtvyd.jpg

This is not much but since one of the categories of this blog is of what I bought for the house, so here it is. 

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Organize Your Cleaning Suplies

We tend to forget our cleaning supplies but you know so well that these are very important and most of the times, when we need it, we just walk back and forth in our house, looking for it. Oh well, you must consider to put all the cleaning supplies altogether so when you are going to look for it, you know where to go.

If you have bulk of cleaning supplies, stack it in a cart. Cart is movable so you can pull your products wherever in the house. It would save you time, because you don’t have to do multiple trips just to corral all your essentials.

If you have a hang shoe organizer, you might want to use it to place all your cleaning essential. I have one but it stack with shoes, I may have to throw these shoes away since we don’t use it at all. But it would be cleverer if you just stash it spray bottles. Using this shoe organizer would free up some shelves in your house, or the cabinet under your sink.

If you can still put shelves in the bathroom, you may do so; put all the cleaning supplies in a tub. Put some label so you have an idea which is which or what tub did you put a certain cleaning supplies that you may use that day.

That is for today folks, enjoy!


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