The Dream Of Getting A House Of My Own

I don’t know about you but when I was still young, I want to own a house. When my sister decided to loan a house through SSS, it was the time that I can feel the privacy, I don’t have to be scared to get kicked anytime, you see we were always moving in every now and then. We moved in to the house that my sister loan when I was about to be in college. That time I thought the subdivision we moved in is the farthest but now it is becoming one of the nearest. I moved out from that house when Mj was 5 years old. I got a fight with my sister, so even if I partly owned the house I just let her be and rented a house together .with my other sister.

We stayed there for a year until I decided to loan a house through Pag-Ibig. I was working in a pioneering call center that time. I decided to loan a house because of the thought that if it will be my name on it, no one will be able to steal it from me. But few years after, since my kids are growing up, it was hard already to live with a sister together with her family. We can’t avoid getting a fight because of the kids. So I thought to rent a house in the same village.

I didn’t try to own a house after we moved out from my house because I thought that we will be joining my husband in the US but since it looks like that it is impossible for us even if it was hard for us in terms of financing, I grabbed the opportunity to assume this house. For one year, our life was tested because of what we owe to the owner of this house and I need to think very quick of I needed to do to save everything until I paid him off. Thank GOD!

In one year of struggle, we were not able to do some repairs of course we need to save for the house. I need to pay the owner pretty quick and we needed a huge amount of money. I was relieved when we paid him off, first thing first I did was to repair the floor tiles, last year I was able to have the sink repaired and we were able to modify the counter to cabinets and I was able to put doors for our closet. Now, I got a huge plan and that is to put an extension and a master’s bedroom. I am saving for it; I hope to do it next year or at least before my husband will go back here. I hope to do it really soon.

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Having A House, For You And Your Family’s Future

When I was young, I always would like to have a house that has my name on it so I got the house in Phase 1 here in our place. My reason was if I have my own house, at least none of my sister can kick me out from it. But I decided to leave the house and rented my own place with the kids, sooner I assumed this house, when I realized that we don’t have a chance at all going abroad. Our papers were never reaching to the agency because it was not submitted in the first place.

Having a house in my own is like a dream come true, since it was not easy at all to fulfill this house. Even though I already paid the assume price. The expenses won’t stop there because I need to expand the kitchen, need to put an awning for our garage so on and so forth. I always advised my friend to have their own house; you don’t have to be a millionaire to get a house. We can always loan in Pag ibig, and we will just pay it monthly with minimal amount. Or if you don’t want to get a loan, then save for it. Do everything what you needed to do to achieve it. It is not for anyone sake but for you and your family’s future.


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Done With My Loan, Finally!

Finally, I am  done with my loan. Remember I have my car as collateral when I borrowed money from them 2 years ago? Now I am free from debt finally. It was supposed to be just one year but I renewed last year of July to pay the interest of the house when I assumed it. And so to end my debt with the previous owner of this house, I re-loan for P60, 000.00. It was not enough, because I have to pay like P100, 000.00 I lacked of P40, 000.00. I earned from my online business of P15, 000.00 and borrowed P25, 000 from my friend. I just paid her P5, 000.00 each month and I paid the last payment last December.

And just last month, I can finally breathe. I was able to pay the last full payment in RFC loan. I was so excited to pay the last month. The staffs even sang me a graduation song, while I kept on laughing. They were not serious though, I know they were just teasing me. They even told me that I can renew anytime if I like but nope, I will not. Maybe next year but I think I won’t. It is better to save money and buy the things that you want than to borrow some money with interest.


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Bounce Check?

Now that the holiday season has ended, I am planning to take off the Christmas ornaments that I hanged last month. I just don’t have time for now, I hope this coming Sunday  I can do all that.

I went to the loan company today to pay them for this month. When I handed them the money, the cashier that they just deposited the check, I was wondering why they had to deposit it while my deadline is on 25th yet, if they would deposit it today, the check would bounce. I was worried that we might pay for the charge fee, when they checked it, the check that they deposited is from last month and not for this month. I was relieved, I mean if that would happen, I would not pay for the charges, I mean it is not my fault right but anyway the check is from last month. So we are safe.

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