Making My Own Necklace

Yeah, I love bangles, could it be beads bangles or any other else. That’s why I am enjoying those talented people who’s expert in making bangles, and one thing I enjoyed seeing them is when they picked different beads and put it in one bangle. I guess they are just expert on their craft. There are lots of beads to choose from, from peruvian opal beads down to just simple but classy beads. I have varieties of beads actually but those are ready made since I really don’t have the talents but I guess it is nice to know them so I don’t have to buy them at the store instead I will just create a necklace or bangles out of beads, in that way I could save even more, what do you think?

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Talent and Hobby

I have two friends whose hobby is making necklaces, earrings, bracelet out of beads. And I love watching them while they are doing that, I wonder if they use the czech glass beads, especially if they have all the colors, shapes and variety of styles. Well, I guess they know all that since they are making a canvass for different kinds of beads whenever they create jewelries. I heard they have a lot of customers already, sometimes they would even sell it through facebook, and I can’t help to envy them of their talent because, aside from they are enjoying crafting some items, they are also making an income out of it.
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But not definitely a blue hair

First off, Mj wanted to color her hair, pink and I said no, few months past she suggested a blue would be perfect. I laugh at her; I pictured her having a blue hair. Her teacher probably would send her to the guidance office if ever I would let her have that color, blue diamonds might probably be accepted but not definitely a blue hair.
Most often than not, I only have seen white diamonds, they are colored and glitters perfectly in white. I wonder how blue diamond looked like. My husband gave me a diamond ring few years back as our engagement ring and for me it is just so perfect. Oh well who knows, blue diamond could also be perfect for engagement, what do you think?
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I Lost It

I have this heart jewelry necklace before that I bought from a friend and now I think I lost it. That is one of those things that I treasured a lot because that was the very first jewelry I have when I saw Terry the first time. I already tried to look for it in the cabinet but I still could not find it, I think I have misplaced it somewhere.

And I doubt that our helper before took it even though she used it without our permission because my sister caught her off guard when she wear it. She gave it back to us, and I already wore it several times after that. I hope I could find it because I really like the heart shape of the pendant, it is simple but elegant, and I need to buy a necklace for that soon.

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