Nostalgia #30: Happy Birthday Mj!


Today marks the birthday of my eldest, even though I don’t have much time yet I still managed to think what we would do for her birthday. I did not tell her though and she was having really doubts she could still celebrate it with her classmates because it has been days that my youngest daughter is sick and I don’t have sleep at all ever since her fever began.

She was so happy to see me this morning, I had with me the biggest pizza ever that I blog about last month. I bought 2 super extra sizes for her classmates and teachers and another family size at home. It was their periodical test today so they were dismissed early at lunch, although they have to stay in their classroom for a while to wait for their carpool, good thing we arrived just on time.

Mj was the one who distributed the juice and the pizza for her classmates, she volunteered to me so I could take some pictures of them. It is sometimes amazing how fast she had grown, that only means I am not getting any younger. She did not eat anything, she just distributed the pizza to her classmates unlike the previous birthdays she had, she opted to just sit down in her chair and just wait for me to entertain her classmates. Now, she’s doing it on her own.

Aside from the greetings, she also received gifts from her classmates. How thoughtful and sweet of them.


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They Must Missed Each Other So Much

It has been almost one week that my kids were not able to see each other because every time I and Mj arrived home, Faith was already fast asleep and when she wakes up in the morning her sister is already off to school. I didn’t realize it at first until my eldest daughter blurted it out last night on our way home; she even wished that Faith was not asleep yet so she could bond with her.

Mj loves her little sister so much, she indeed missed her a lot. I know she wanted to wake Faith up when we went home last night. But because she knew that I would get mad at her if she will disturb her little sister, she chooses not to bother Faith. Good thing, Faith woke up, I seemed to hear her cry from the bedroom so I went inside and saw her sobbing. I immediately hug her and carried her outside. Mj was smiling so wide and embrace her little sister tight and said it is now alright because she is already around. Faith does not even want to go near me, she chooses Mj to take good care of her until she sleeps once again.

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Glowing On That Event

Mj has their Literacy contest a week ago, too bad they were not the champion. But it’s alright though what matters most was that they enjoyed it so much and they gave their best for that contest. My daughter looks so blooming with her make up and no you are wrong I am not the one who put the make up on, it was one parent out there, who have a good heart to make her so glowing on that day.

And here’s the video of their event. Mj really raised her voice high enough so the audience could hear them so well but I guess other group is better than them. She was disappointed but I told her it is alright as long as they gave their best.
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So much alike

Faith and Mj are so much alike, especially when they cried, oh my! Their expression showed that they are really sisters. This morning, I found them having the same position at the same time and since my husband is in California for work travel and he is so tired from meeting and stuff. I am sure these pictures would give him enough joy and would make him smile. What do you think?

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