Our Way Of Bonding Together

My DVD disks are on mess under my TV. Oh well, with a toddler around the house you don’t have to wonder why the cases were already in nowhere. I may need dvd labels at begalabel.com when I will start to sort all the dvd’s and so to look neat and organize. I have varieties of DVD’s here and even though I already watched it yet there are times that I’d like to watch it over and over again especially when the story is remarkable and very inspiring. We are movie lovers, I guess I got this from my Dad and Mom and so my kids as well, it is also our one way of bonding together.

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Cars Tomorrow

I am so glad that we can get to watch cars tomorrow, I am sure my kids will be delighted to watch their favorite cartoon movie in 3D. I hope the 3D glasses had a size that would fit for Faith or else we will be needing a rubber band to put it in both ends to hold Faith’s 3D glasses. That’s what I did the last time we watched 3D, thank GOD the 3D glasses were still alright after she used it.
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One day to go and it is Valentines Day already, I and my kids celebrated it in advanced and that was today. It was only a simple celebration though; we went out to church to hear mass. Then after that we went to the cinema to watch the movie Tangled. The movie that we had been waiting to watch but since we all got sick last week, we were not able to catch up the 3d version of the Tangled. We were a little bit disappointed but we couldn’t do anything, we are simply late so we have to deal with the cartoon version, which was definitely okay because we enjoyed it a lot, especially Jm and F.
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Best Actress

Wow I was not wrong to watch the Tanging Ina yesterday because it was indeed a block buster movie. From part 1 to part 3 they really did a good job of making the audience laugh their heart out. I just learned that Ai Ai de las Alas won the Best Actress, Eugene Domingo as the Best Supporting Actress and Wenn Deramas as the Best Director. The line was long yesterday, good thing that Mj fall in line just before I was done paying the cashier so we were able to grab a vacant chair. Even though we almost could not go home last night, it was all worth it. Congrats to Tanging Ina casts!
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