Than To Have Nothing At All

My eyes are dropping so I need to make this one fast. Anyway, after of so many months of deciding if I will buy a cool fan or just the regular one, I decided to buy the standard fan, I wanted to always buy the cool fan but it was very expensive. I could not afford it yet, the money I got from my salary and blog has been long gone. I need to do some budget if I want to be alive and eating at least a day before the payroll schedule.

I always bought our things at the NCCC mall but that mall was burn down, seriously when I grocery shop I always said (without any intention) to go to NCCC mall, I always get corrected by my daughter, Moving forward I need to go to Gaisano Mall, which is very far from where we lived, I need to buy that fan in our living room, I could not do it anymore, the heat at home is already so unbearable sometimes, although at night  it will rain but that won’t paid off the temperature at home during day time.

I thought we will spend more than P2,000. 00 but I was so happy when I found out they have Mall Wide Sale, so I got the fan for a huge discount. Yes it not  a grand, it’s even so simple. But I am already contented of the air that it offers it’s better to have this and get some air than to have nothing at all.

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We Transferred House

It was unexpected, we decided to transfer house last 28th and so we were not able to request the Internet Connection in advance, we are stuck in the new house at home without an Internet. Good thing the Sky Cable is not the same as PLDT they were able to hook my line for just a day and immediately. I can log in to my Facebook Account using my phone but of course I can’t make an update here in my blog. So hang on guys, if I have readers here I’ll be back on track after two weeks. Happy New Year to all of you!

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