New Layout For My Three Blogs

I am so glad that Rheayanne of Traveler’s Journal was able to create a new amazing lay out for my three blogs, yes the Points of View of Travels and Places, Anne’s Sweet Life, and Sahm’s Dining Diary have a new 3 column lay out now. Sahm’s Dining Diary was just finished today so you know I could not contain my happiness when I saw the lay out just a while so I am bragging it here. Please take a look of my new layouts, thank you!
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New Lay Out!

Caution: This is a late post! [LOL]

Faith has a new lay out just before her birthday on February 08. I contacted Ivy of The Designer’s Chic that I was ready to let go of the previous lay out of my little monster and get a new one.

She first showed me those two cute girls in the header, the other one in the swing is of course my very own Faith and the other one is my eldest daughter MJ. I told Ivy to make it two girls since both were close. Mj sometimes watching after Faith in the living room and played with her while I am doing something in the kitchen, so that explains the header, while Faith is enjoying her swing, Mj was there watching her while reading her favorite fantasy book.

Visit the site so you would see the beauty and the cuteness of the new template and witness as well the everyday activity of my beloved little love bug Faith.

Oh by the way, Faith little house of fun was change to Faith’s Little World Of Fun as suggested to match the header.

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Domain And A Baby Blog

I finally decided to buy my own domain on this blog, after like how many hours of waiting and scrutinizing the domain to be able to work in my sphere. It is finally here! Thanks to Ms. Ivy she helped me figure out what was wrong with the domain I put here awhile ago, I cannot view the whole thing it was because I mess up with DNS setting. Lesson learn if you are not sure in a certain thing, then don’t touch anything or else you will mess up the whole thing. It is better to seek advise first before touching anything you are not familiar with.

So guys please change the URL of my blog from to, anyway you will be redirected to the site so just copy my URL in the browser.

On the other hand, while waiting for the domain to get ready. I have asked Ms. Ivy to make a new lay out for my baby blog entitled Mary Anne’s Musing and so she did it fast and before I before I knew the lay out is ready and it was installed as well. I did not put anything to it yet, but I will do it sooner so guys, friends, peeps if you have time please do visit my baby blog and add me as well too. Just leave me a message here if the necessary widgets are not install yet.

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It’s Time For A Change

I never had a major change of lay out ever since I started blogging, I edited some of it but it never satisfies me until Mommy Gen offered a free header of my page that I grab immediately. I was so thankful that she was able to even exceed my expectation. To you Mommy Gen I’ve always believed of your creations and I want you to keep it up.

But sometimes we needed to have some change its either as a person to become what we want to be, our actions to become more effective and our visions to become more successful. My previous lay out has always been a part of me because I started it there. My vision of a home began through the lay out I worked so hard and the header that Mommy Gen offered.

When Jhlea had a major renovation with her page a few month’s ago, I can’t help to be astounded. It was so beautifully created and molded, I asked her right away the designer of her so alluring page and that sooner I learned that she is also a friend of Anne, one of my closest friend here online.

From that day on, I started to visualize and dream of having a template, like they owned. I tried myself to create one but I was not successful, instead the codes terribly gave me a headache. I just thought I needed to enroll myself to become a designer of a blog. Should you recommend me one online school for that? [Hehehe]

Few days ago, I was thinking of what things could I buy for myself since I worked hard work here in blog sphere. I believed in a saying that one way to become more effective is by treating yourself out of your accomplishments. I thought of a new shoes, new jeans, and new shirts but when I roam around here, I’ve seen some lay out has been change so I guess its time for me to put the old lay out in my treasure box.

I immediately message Designer Chic and that she quickly responded, we discussed in a while as what type of lay out suits for my little home page. Suddenly to my surprise, she messages me last night that my lay out is ready to be install. It was so fast, stunned as I was, I excitedly gave her the access so she can install the lay out to my page.

Mind you, I didn’t want to sleep, I have myself awake and waited for a while but I realized I needed to rest for MJ have to wake up early for her school later. [It was already passed 1:00 a.m. when she was working on my page.]

And this morning was a total make over, when I saw my page being beautifully made; I hurriedly added the necessary widgets and buttons. I didn’t even care [yet] the OPP’s was being offered in triple P as I was so busy with my page.

To Designer Chic, I cannot say the exact word of how grateful I am for letting me own the template that I dream on, I actually have many things to say but as this time yet, I am so speechless still let me say thank you very much for making it more so appealing and thank you also for the patience as I change my mind how many times for the color and the tag line [LOL]

Just a quick message to all of you: Even how beautiful the house is, if there’s no good soul living inside, it will never be a home because a house is only made of walls and beams while home is built with dreams and love.

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