The Reality Of A Horse

Owning a horse is a big commitment, but it can be an incredibly rewarding one on many levels. Horses have unique bloodlines and unique talents, which means each horse brings with it its own potential. Though a horse may be seen on one level as an “investment,” the truth is that owning any animal brings with it an emotional bond that is like no other.

For all these reasons, owners who invest in a horse for riding, especially at a competitive level, must protect the health and safety of their animal and think seriously about what kind of horse insurance will be truly helpful in protecting its soundness. It can take time and careful consideration to find the right kind of insurance to protect an equine investment, but there’s no doubt that insuring a horse is a wise choice on many levels. Good insurance coverage will provide peace of mind for an owner, so they can enjoy their horse as it trains and lives up to its true potential.

The Reality of A Horse’s Health and Mortality.

A horse is a living being, and the reality of equine ownership is that health problems can happen at any time. Most owners realize that it’s a crucial move to take out life insurance on their horse, but there are other areas of protection that should be considered as well.

Types of Coverage

If a horse develops a health problem, either through illness or accident, the cost of veterinary and surgical care can rise very quickly. It’s very wise for a horse owner to take out a “surgical endorsement” policy to protect against the costs of surgery for the animal. These policies usually have a payout limit, between $5,000 to $10,000.

The payout limits on a surgical endorsement policy are why many owners also take out a major medical endorsement policy as well. These policies provide added coverage for veterinary costs for treating the animal for problems arising from accidents or illness. These policies also have a limit, usually between $5,000 to $10,000, but the added coverage will go a long way towards protecting the animal.

Yes, owning a horse is a huge commitment on many levels. Owners that are serious about protecting their animal should think seriously about investing in sound insurance coverage so they can enjoy their horse’s achievements, while enjoying real peace of mind.

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Her Fish Just Died

My daughter just bought a fish out from her allowance, I know she loves to adopt pets but fish was I thought out of the list. But when we went to the mall last week, I was surprised she bought little tiny fish, I asked where she would put it, she said in a container. So I told her we can buy a little aquarium for her little fish.
Every night she would clean the aquarium and replace it with new water. She would feed the fish with the food that we also bought in the mall. Last night, after she went to her bedroom to change her clothes, I saw her so weary. I asked her what happened; she then blurted her fish died because she forgot to clean the aquarium last night because she was so busy with her studies. I feel for her, I know she was really so sad. She throws the fish outside our gate, this morning she went out in the gate and look for her dead fish. She was really grieving.
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