Plants, Plants, and Plants

The plan to buy some plants will be postpone I guess, I planned to purchase some the next day after my husband’s flight going to the States. However it will not push through because the car will be send to the shop the day after my husband’s flight, it needs overhaul and it will take 2 weeks for it to totally repair.

I didn’t buy some plants before because I thought we will be joining my husband in the states. Now since we both decided to just buy a house here I hope soon, I guess I have to have some gardened so when we are ready to move in to the new house, we already have some green plants to be put in the yard of our new house. We are still not decided on to where and what house we are going to buy, I hope before December we already have enough money to buy our own house.

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Green Plants For My Eyes

Yes since I guess we will be renting a house for quite a while, I am really thinking now to grow some plants in our front yard. It is so bold because I didn’t plant some flowers in a pot since I thought we will not stay here for long because my husband thought to petition us before. But he change his mind instead we will be living here for years and I don’t know until when. So for my eyes to relax a bit as they said that green color can make you feel light and stress-free, it would be best to shop for some plants, I am planning to also buy an orchid and put it in the corner. I am so excited thinking about this, I hope we will not this busy so I can purchase some plants while my husband is still here.

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Our Lucky Plant Is Dying

I had bought this lucky plant on December to be put on my computer table just the center of where my closet that has mirror placed and the door in front of the mirror. They said that there should be a living thing to be put in the middle if you had your mirror in front of the door to prevent from misfortunes and things like that. I am trying to water the plant like everyday but I keep on forgetting about it, to the fact it is just in front of me while I am here in the computer. And just before we went to CDO I made a promise to myself that I will water it but I forgot and now it is slowly dying. I hope it could still recover because I will do my best to water it everyday this time.
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In Planting Some Flowers and Trees

I am trying to like gardening. I tried planting flowers but to no avail it all died. However my husband likes planting in fact he likes to supplement his groceries by growing vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, okra and eggplant. Some years he has pretty good luck but, others he gets very little yield. This has let him to investigate planting some fruit bearing trees.
I wonder what kind of trees I should plant. If ever I get the chance to live with him in his place and if I get the chance to plant that would not die at all. Well I think maybe a fig tree or two. Fig trees have been around for a long time and have been cultivated for commercial use in many parts of the world. The fruit is delicious and is rich in nutrients. It will be a great family project to grow and care for these trees, but a greater adventure to eat the fruit from them, since it was our work that helped produce the fruits.
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