From 49 to 46

When I went to my Pulmonologist today, I was so happy and surprised after I weight myself in their weighing scale. I lose 3 pounds and I didn’t even know that! I applauded myself secretly for my losing weight success. If I would always watch after my meals intake probably I will be more successful. Three pounds are not that much compared to my weight before, I only weigh 35 and if I would gain some weights, it would only increased like three pounds. Now, I have a hard time of decreasing it, I know I need more motivation and more exercise. More coffee please, huh? [hehehe]

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The Easier Way

He just wanted to look good so he forced himself for an abs work out but unfortunately it turn out no good for him because he was rushed in the hospital after numerous of trying so hard to do the workout.
If he just consulted an expert before he does the workout, I think he will be successful in getting the abs. There’s the hard and the easier way in getting the ab workouts for 6 pack, if you haven’t known that, of course you should choose the easier way but efficient and effective. It is so much better if you ask someone know about this or your doctor so there will be no harm that would take place in the end. We all have the same goal but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any choice but choose the hard way to get what we want. Life is so precious for you to just waste it.
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