I Might Get Back To Being A SAHM

I submitted my resignation letter last month and on the 30th will be my last hurrah to the floor. I did not apply for any other company yet maybe after my last day however I was thinking to just stay at home and take good care of  my kids, especially when my youngest class is starting real soon. I am so excited being a SAHM again; I am excited to be the one to send my youngest daughter to school, to be there on their school program, to be with her always. I am excited to mind my own house and what are the things to improve here. I am excited to cook for my kids even though they don’t like it at times. I miss taking pictures of them sleeping, doing their assignments or just chilling at home. I miss being at home and update my blog or do a blog hopping, I miss about being at home and I will gonna do it again once I finish my resignation.

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Always On The Go

Yes, I am here at the clubhouse, while waiting for Jm I guess it is not a bad idea at all if I will have to finish all the necessary I need to do online. I did not bring my charger though so I must hurry now. On the other hand, I may have to go out early tomorrow to run some errands before I will fetch my daughter, so as I said I need to finish this thing up so if ever there’s a pending that I needed to do tomorrow, at least I won’t be staying long in the computer. So folks here’s the SAHM always on the go for her kids, honestly I am already tired of sending my daughter to the pool but because she wants and she loves swimming, I have no choice but to be supportive of the sports that she fell in love with.


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