Success For Putting Them In Their Naptime

I am so much glad that I was able to put the kids to the bed yesterday for naptime before we went to Church. It is indeed a success for me because most of the time they don’t like to sleep in the afternoon. Mj was okay though if I would tell her to take a nap, she will take a nap in no time but Faith is the opposite because it will take her like an hour to take a nap and we have the same scenario in the evening excepts if she is very very tired already. 

While they had their nap, I was also trying to prepare myself for the Church, like bath time, blowing my hair, putting make-ups and the like. And when I was done they were already awake, one hour for nap is not bad at all right? 
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I had a good long nap

Finally, I took a long good nap this afternoon after I drove for 2 hours in downtown. I was still sleepy when we went out this morning to send Mj to her training. It was dreadfully so hot, good thing that we had a nice shed at the pool to help us to cool off. The ice cream in the canteen’s freezer looks so tempting so I bought one. I wanted to read my book but I forgot to bring it.

Even though we got a nice shed at the pool, when the training was finally done, I was dozing off again; I just then have to wake up when during my driving lessons. I was able to control already the steering wheel but I still had an issue when I have to turn left or right and especially in parking the car. Anyway, I would learn all that in the future, I just have to have guts. Oh geez, I love taking a nap when I get too tired because I am certain that when I get up, my energy would be back again.

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Good Thing, It Was Only Her

I fell asleep just when Mj was off to school. I maybe was sleeping so hard that I could not hear my sister Merlyn calling from outside already. I just heard someone already was opening our door at the bedroom. When I opened my eyes, I saw her standing at the door telling me that I should secure the keys whenever I would get back to the bedroom because somebody might gets it from the window and will try to open the door.
Mj was the one who opened the gate this morning and she probably left it at the cabinet nears the window. When my sister tried to call me, she saw the keys in the cabinet, she took some extra wires from our backyard and hooked it with a stick, she immediately tried to get the keys and in no time, she already had the keys on her hand. She opened the living room door and voila! She was able to get inside our house without my knowledge at all. Thank GOD it was only my sister, I wonder what could have happened when it was an intruder and we were alone in the bedroom sleeping so hard.
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Nap Time

I was not able to sleep well last night that’s why I feel so tired and groggy right now. I need my afternoon nap with the kids I hope Faith would take a nap without any delays. Mj needs to take a bath and nap as well before we will review her notes, tomorrow is their exam for Civics and Science, the hated subjects ever but mind you she got good grades at those subjects than the English subject. Well she needs to improve it anyway happy napping time everyone!
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