The Things I Just Bought

So I went out for shopping yesterday and these were I got, slacks a blouse and a gift for my inaanak. I can’t wait for the baptismal though and welcome Kaegan Dale to Christianity.


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Her New Stroller

Two weeks ago I bought Faith a new stroller as I promised it to myself, she doesn’t have any personal toys she always got them borrowed from Kuya Yanyan or some old toys of Ate Mj. A new toy for her is not bad at all, she said wow when we saw the stroller in the display area and did not let it go until she saw bikes and scooters near where the toys are. She said wow again in a big loud voice.
But no, we cannot afford to buy yet the scooters or the bikes, I mean she got one scooter at home so I guess one is enough for her and besides she doesn’t use her scooter that much because there were big kids who also would like to ride in it and accidentally hit Faith’s toe nails, that’s why sister Merlyn hang it somewhere for them not to get it easily.

Meanwhile, I have to motivate Faith to like the toy stroller and not those bikes, eventually she got interested with it then we hurriedly took Faith away from the scooters.

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Coloring Book, Pajamas And A New Bag

The DSAT birthday party has to end early at 12 nn today for most of my workmates, I mean previous workmates has to log as early as 8pm tonight, well even though I arrived there late I believed I was able to give them some smile because I brought a cake for them as promised and my way to greet my team as well a Happy 2nd birthday DSAT!

Anyway, right after the long chitchats at the venue and my dentist appointment this afternoon that is supposedly was yesterday but because of the rain that keeps on pouring the whole day, I decide to stay my butt at home. Mj and I went to the mall to grocery shop but when we finish our lunch at 2:00 p.m. we thought to roam around since Mj asked for a new coloring book, after I paid for the coloring book, we went further and then I saw the big on sale of all bag items. Honestly I don’t usually buy personal things if the one I used is still in tact however my bag I am using now is I think need to be replace, aside from the skin of the sling has peeled off, its zipper is not working already too.

I spotted also a pajama that is only P129.00 for two and a short for Mj, which is only P35.00, not bad at all right? The Araw ng Davao is fast approaching and that explain why all the malls got their items on sale. When were done grocery shopping we hurriedly went home as Faith was waiting for us to be home, I have her favorite arrozcaldo and I’m sure she would love it for dinner.

Mj is now busy with her coloring book and I am so droopy here while blogging. And yet I have to write down all the expenses for today. Haay life!

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I Finally Bought One!

I have had plan to buy a steamer sterilized for Faith’s feeding bottle. But I always find them so expensive. If I still have work I might already had bought one even if its costly as P3,000. Since I got no work I always on the look out of my finances. Aaaargghsss! Though honey always reminds me of that I can buy all the things I want whenever he sent me money. But I just can’t disburse it as easy as that. In the first place I always watched after my budget even I was still working and limit the things I was going to buy, how much more now that I don’t work anymore.

But today, when me and Clarinda roam around in baby’s department at SM as well buying some stuff there. A sales lady who entertained us informed me that they’re on sale for steamer sterilizer. They marked down the price from P2,000 to P1,700. Isn’t it too awesome? I was still doubting though to buy one for faith because I like to at least save the rest of the money left from kid’s tuition and internet fee. So for me to use it the day ahead. I asked the sales lady if they are still on sale by next week for that particular brand. However the sales lady can’t give me assurances if they still have one of those. So I really have to decide now or just let the discounted sterilizer slip away.

Until my friend Clarinda informed me about a certain bacteria that stays long in a feeding bottle due to a spilled milk. For those, you really have to boil water and put the bottles in it and to know boiling feeding bottles can also cause it to melt slowly that might poison the baby as well. You really have to stay on guard for it. Nevertheless safety must come first before anything else. That, made up my mind to buy one for our little princess Faith.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I also received a P100.00 Gift Certificate from baby department for buying the P1,700 cost of steamer sterilizer that I could used if I have something to purchase from there department. Though it is only exclusive for baby’s department but to received a P100.00 Gift Certificate is not bad at all. Uhmm I am still thinking what things I’d like to buy for Faith by next shopping!

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