I Feel Like I Was Having A Heat Stroke

Did you notice the weather today? My God it was so hot, I feel like I was having a heat stroke when I went outside to pay for my sister’s electricity and water. She can’t pay it because she has to attend Faith while I was not around to send Mj to her swimming session. After she was done with her session, we ate the snack that my friend brought then we went to Kumon immediately. Right after I sent her, I started to get to my errands, I went to water bill then to the one who settled my renewal of my car, then to the light company to pay the electric bill, I also went to my insurance to pay my health contributions. Even I was already in the Jeepney, I still feel the sweats in my back and the heat of the sun in my head. I feel like my head would popped out in no time so when we arrive home, I asked my daughter to buy me a pain reliever and took a nap immediately.

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When The Weather Gets Too Humid

Since it is summer, wearing shorts is a must because of the hot weather. But if you have cellulite on your thighs, you will get too conscious and would think that somebody might sees it and would make a comment out of it.

You have tried to get rid of that cellulite but never were you able to find a cream that could help you strengthen your skin and make it so young. Do you feel depress when learning that the cream that you used is not effective at all thus wearing shorts or sexy swim suits or two piece swim wears during summer would always be just a dream. Well, you must celebrate now because competent cellulite treatments are already in the market waiting for you. But you must try to read the reviews first or asked somebody who already used that treatment so you will not get disappointed in the end. I am also considering the idea to apply some for myself because like you I also want to wear shorts when the weather gets too humid and hot.

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Landslides and Floods

It is so sad to know that when we are so contented in our home while it’s raining outside, perhaps, others are sleeping so hard in their comfy bed, some of the people out there are struggling to survive because of the landslides. I didn’t expect it happens some of our towns here in our place. 20 houses were washed away due to heavy rain few days ago in DDF Village, Mandug Davao City. The river water level went high thus the affected families were immediately evacuated. There were landslides occurs also in Pantukan due for following rains at night, the local government gave to the affected families at least P 5,000 and evacuated them to the safer grounds.
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Now This Is Really Summer

It has been days that the sky is so gloomy and it rains so hard during night time. But today, it is so hot. I just hope that it won’t rain at night time, because surely this would cause some allergies and sickness especially to the kids. And the flood goes everywhere in town, thus it is hard to commute when it rains, even the taxi would say no when your destination is too far.
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