Sick but Pursuing

I am worried again, Jm is again suffering from cough and runny nose, and she has been sneezing since yesterday at school up to their dryland at the training. I bought some medicines last night for her to take when we arrived home and this morning I told her to take that at lunch. She slept in the living room last night so my youngest daughter won’t catch up the colds.

The weather is so unpredictable these days, it gets too hot in the morning, and the rain pours so hard in the evening. And I always forgot to bring my umbrella. It’s ironic because if I would bring my umbrella with me, it won’t rain. Anyway, few months from now, Jm will be preparing for a serious training on summer and maybe after the novice, she would slow down a bit and concentrate on other things. A new sports perhaps? Well, let’s see…

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Heavy Rain

Right after Mj was finished with her English in Kumon, a heavy rain pour down, that even though I have my umbrella with me, we were still soaking wet. Good thing when we went down from the other Jeepney, another Jeepney heading home parked near us and so we went. I slept in the Jeepney because it was so cold, Mj keeps on looking for the flood in the street, it was strange for her not to sleep she was just so curious about until where the flood goes, she was asking me of it but I was so tired to answer.
Now I am half recharge so I’ll be visiting some of you tonight, I didn’t know it was a bit tiring to house trip and to talk to my Aunt about the In-House Financing and Bank Financing, I hope we could own a part of it. Wish us luck!
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While it was raining

It rained the whole day yesterday, my friend who lives near the river was even worried of the possible flood that would flash down, it happens before and the last time they had was 8 to 10 feet if not mistaken. Good thing, since she didn’t message me the update, I guess it didn’t flood in the area, and I am sure the new house will be renovated as soon as possible, it is a two storey house, so there’s no way the flood can reach the second floor.
Anyhow, let me share to you my beloved Faith moment when it was raining, she even sang a song “Rain, rain go aaaaaa eeee” unfortunately it was not rain rain go away as she cannot utter some words fluently. She was in the kitchen at that time and when I approached her, I saw her inside the laundry container, pin pointing the rain outside the house, later she puts a piece of cloth on her head, as if she was shedding from getting wet while she was only inside the house looking at the rain drops.

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Something That We Can Depend On

I didn’t have enough sleep last Saturday because of the following situation. It was 11:00 p.m., that I drag the kids to sleep, I warned Mj this time to wake me up when she wanted to go to the bathroom to sleep. Mj and Faith were already asleep when I heard my cellphone rang, it was my cousin who warned me to prepare because she heard from a friend that a tsunami will be coming to the Philippines, an aftermath from the Chile earthquake. And the places that will be affected were Davao, Laguna and Legaspi. I message her back if that was true, she told me that it was from CNN and I have to open my computer to trace the news.

So I decided to open my computer in the middle of the night and message my husband to it, I was terrified and afraid that I forgot, we’re too far away from the ocean. Our place is too elevated to be reaching by a tsunami. But it was not that I am afraid of, what I fear was that what if an earthquake would occur. What would I do? Some part of my brain told me to calm down and just think of the first necessary thing I have to do when things like that will happen.

It was 1:00 a.m., that I told myself to lie down besides my eyes can’t make it anymore, I could have been bang my head in the keyboard if I have to insist myself to wake up. At 3:00 a.m., my friend Clarinda called me and told me about the tsunami, she and her Mom was watching the CNN and she was also scared about it. She asked me if she could come over and stayed in our house for a while. I told her to come over as soon as she finished packing, when she hangs up the phone, Faith woke up and tried to play my cellphone, I accompanied Mj also to the comfort room to pee. It was quarter of four when I finally closed my eyes; I was still scared and nervous at that time. At 5:00 a.m., Claire called me again and told me that the tsunami will take effect after 6 hours to 8 hours, so I decided to open my computer again. I was watching the CNN online and learned about the discoloration of the ocean and the latest update of the NOAA.

Sure, when Mother Nature will do something harm, we can’t stop it. But with our prayers I know and I believe that it is still the most powerful and something that we can depend on. God will never forsake us if we just trust him with all our might. From Saturday night and until now I am still afraid, but because I trust in HIM and he is always with us, I know nothing bad will happen to me, especially to the kids.

Prayers, our prayers are the only one thing that can save us; we just have to believe that a miracle could happen along the way. We can all survive with the trials that our Mother Nature has given us, but do you know that what happen now is only what we had done to her. As what the newscaster said “Earthquakes can’t kill us but what can kill us, are the things that we had put into this world”.

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