Their Modus Operandi

I would usually withdraw my money in a ATM machines, there are times that I would shop until sun down and I need to withdraw money at night time going home, the place might spooky or so creepy not with monsters or ghosts but theft and some burglars. Even my sister warned me of that because there might be some people who would snatch my money at that very moment, from then on I would avoid withdrawing money in a dark place where a ATM machine is located.

Now, since Christmas is just around the corner, you must be aware that, thieves are striking again these seasons; BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) warned those cardholders to be more alert and have to watch out those thieves because they seemed to be kind and helpful when they approach you. They would victimized you even you withdraw inside shopping center, their modus operandi is they would approach when the cardholder just finished her/his transactions, they would tell the victim that there is a 500 pesos bill stacked in the machine, then right after that, they suggest the victim to make a balance inquiry of his/her account if it has a deduction of 500 pesos, then the suspect would intently observed the PIN number that you had encoded in the cash machine, they would drop a bill and would claimed that it is from the machine, when the cardholder is busy picking up the money, they would switch the ATM card so quickly from the machine.

Another modus operandi is what they called shoulder surfing, it is when the suspect stands close to the victim and will stealthily memorize the PIN number you encoded. The BSP offered some tips for us to be safe and secure with our transactions, when you are typing your PIN number in the keypad machine, shield it with your hand and if you notice that there’s someone is standing close enough at your back, tell him/her to step back, or allow the next person to do and her/his transaction first.

If you spotted that a slot for inserting card does not seem right, walk away and don’t do any transaction of that machine, do not share your PIN number even with your family and relatives and absolutely not with stranger.

Source: Yahoo News

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A Teen Struggles For His Life

Life could have been so beautiful for Bewer if only he has not been living with ventilator for him to breathe and lie down in a balloon type mattress for his burn body. He is heavily sedated and his whole body covered with bandages.

He got the 2nd to 3rd degree burn when group of teenagers throw him a rubbing alcohol and set him on fire, the reason of this attack was after he reported the five teenagers, 4 of them were 15 years old and the other one is 13 years old to the police for stealing his father’s bicycle’s, the teenagers called Bewer a snitch as they used a lighter to set him aflame.

Read all the story here.

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Whales In Bataan

It was whales not dolphins that were stranded in a coastal area of Pilar town in the northern Philippines province of Bataan. The whales were specifically name as the melon-headed, it was though residents were trying to push them back into the water, Garcia initially cited that three of the whales were reportedly died.

Sarmiento said that a quake in the sea or a disturbance could have damaged the whales’ eardrums and that made them brought off to the coastal area. Authorities would investigate the coastal area anew to monitor similar occurrence and an official will be calling a meeting on Wednesday for the said incident.

According to Wikipedia, the Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra; other names are many-toothed blackfish and electra dolphin) is a cetacean of the oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae). It is closely related to the Pygmy Killer Whale and Pilot Whale, and collectively the common name blackfish knows these dolphin species. The Melon-headed Whale is widespread throughout the world’s tropical waters, although not often seen by humans on account of its preference for deep water.

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Another Accident Again

It was so sad to hear that the highway, near where our subdivision has always encounter accidents and most of the victims were totally injured and the worst is some did not make it.

I still remember of the two high schoolgirls were standing beside the road and then suddenly the truck approaching so fast to where they were standing. The teenagers noticed the truck running so fast towards them so they ran as fast as they could. The other girl stumbled and fell in the canal where the wheels at the back of the truck stopped where she was; the other girl was hit through the bumper of the truck.

The driver ran off but surrendered himself to the nearest police station; he said the truck looses its break and that he can’t pull it over anymore. But you know what? I always have been hearing those excuses whenever they encounter an accident. Why can’t they just minimize their speed so they cannot hurt innocent people in the road?

This morning was another sad news; this time they said it was the couple mistakenly over take the truck. The driver tried to do a backing when suddenly a motorcycle bumped at the back of his truck. The couple as what I heard was in a hurry the reason why they tried to pass over as what the other motorcycle ahead of them did. It was just too late for them because the truck moves backward right there and then when they tried to over take it.

The driver was reported dead on the spot while the woman, the driver’s wife is now in the ICU.

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